About Me

Cooking is cathartic for me.  As a high school counselor, I am no stranger to a stressful day.  I absolutely LOVE what I do, but deep down have always felt a connection to creating something special in the kitchen.  When I met my husband I truly began putting my culinary skills to work.  He has quite the appetite and cooking for him many times feels like cooking for an entire football team.  In trying to be creative with my meals, I began researching online, I subscribed to Cooking Light, and I became open to trying new things.  This really has made all the difference.  I do not fear a recipe, but see it as an opportunity. 

This year at work, I have had many occasions to bake for my co-workers and students.  Their rave reviews and encouragement have pushed me to start my own food blog.  The premise of this blog was to talk about finding success in your life, and for me part of my success is found in the kitchen.

My husband and I currently live in Dallas, TX.  We met in NYC and both lived there for about five years.  We moved to Austin, TX in June of 2009 so that my husband could pursue his MBA at the University  of Texas, and spent two amazing years there.  We are currently exploring our new city, finding our favorite restaurants, and meeting new friends.  We really could not ask for more.  We also have a little pug named Cecil, and he is our pride and joy!



One thought on “About Me

  1. I was addicted to pinterest for a long time….I would look up at the time and found I spent 2 hours just looking at pictures. Food gawker is another I have to pull myself from, plus it makes me hungry! Great food blog, wish you the best!

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